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Within the last 6 years, our restaurant has become a preferred place for our loyal customers.

Faces is not just a restaurant with an exquisite menu, but this is also a cozy place where each guest may put their everyday mask aside and relax from the urban fuss, hurry and stress. Our spirited atmosphere and tasty meals will definitely stay for a long time alongside the impression of the unforgettable experience- during both business lunch breaks, and the romantic dinners accompanied by candles. 

Celebrate life together with Faces!


Andrei Ursu

A meal prepared professionally and with a soul – this is our brand chef’s Andrei Ursu priority, who is passionate about his job for more than 20 years. Gaining experience around the world, taking the best practices from the French, Japanese and other cuisines, while each of those has its unique cooking aspects, flavors, and traditions, our chef has acquired his personal style and cooking standards. In our brand chef’s hands even the most ordinary ingredients, combined with other products, open up a range of different sensations, making the great symphony of taste. Come and visit us to catch a glimpse of this symphony.

Renars Tarvids

The happiness hides in the details, as these make us remember something more important and pleasant. A tasty meal with an inappropriately selected wine may ruin your mood and the atmosphere of a great evening. That’s why our sommelier Renars Tarvids treats his job seriously, as a carefully paired wine with a course will make the entire dining experience more delightful and elegant. 

Having gained experience and developed skills in restaurants such as Vincents and Bergs, our wine steward is able to pair food and wine with high precision, considering each guest’s wants and expectations. With the help of our sommelier, experiment with the different types of elegant wines we are offering, find the one to your liking, and, perhaps, you will reveal a new combination of flavors that will pleasantly surprise you. 

Monday - Sunday

12:00 - 22:00

Flavors may change,
while the faces stay the same

Bulduru prospekts 52, Jūrmala

Ipašs paldies par jauniem atklājumiem! Un atseviški paldies šef pavāram par BBQ menu. Viss bija garšīgi un interesanti. Turpinat radīt!




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